How to get a job in USA

Everyone has a dream to live and work in a country with high quality of life, high standards of living and a better pay scale. For that, America is perfect. US economy is much more better than any other country. Since, everybody wants to get immigrated to United States, so, the process is quite complicated. That’s why we are here to show you the right path to get immigrated  to United States.

Which visa should you choose?


H-1B is a visa in the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101(a)(15)(H) that temporarily allows degree holders and high education holder to work in US for some occupations. The duration of this visa three years which is extendable to six years.


H-2B is a visa in the United States that allows US employers to temporarily hire workers to work in non-agricultural occupations and you don’t need a higher education qualification for that. You can to America with this visa but only for short period of time and explore your options to live in America.


H-2A is a visa in the United States that allows US employers to temporarily hire non-immigrant workers who meet specific regulatory requirements to work in agricultural occupations and you don’t need a higher education qualification for that. The U.S. has great need of workers specialized in help with planting trees, herbs and harvesting crops.


L1 or intracompany transfer visa is the easy to attain visa for skilled workers which allows international companies to transfer employees from their company located in other country to their company located in United States. Your role at the company must be at the level of executive or management in order to be eligible for an L1.

Education Qualification Tips:

You might have a qualification degree from a college in your county but you have to see if that degree have any value in US. Its better to get an educational degree from a internationally well reputed college or university. So, that your degree might have some value in the USA.

Or, you can also study in USA and get a degree there by getting a study visa. Colleges in USA are always looking for bright students no matter the country they are from. You can get placements from the US college and work there easily.

Finding a company in need of workers:

In USA, companies can hire workers from other countries. So, you just need to find such company which can help you in achieving your dream.

Finding such company might be hard but not at all very difficult. Look for a company which has shortage of workers. Medical professionals are in high demand in USA and this profession can make you millions of dollars per year even if you’re a dentist.

And finally…

A great resource for foreign nationals seeking work in the U.S. is the website run by the Department of Immigration. There you will find information on professional requirements, writing a resume, and evaluating a job offer. This is also a good place to learn about fees, deadlines, and qualifications for various visas.

The last piece of advice we can give you is to start saving money as soon as you begin your visa journey as at the early stages, you will need some money to keep going. Be sure your savings are enough to support the move so that you don’t end up with a job offer that you can’t accept.

Good luck!