How to get highest paying Truck driver Jobs in Usa or Canada

In this article, we will go over what truck drivers do, the job market for truck drivers and what kind of money they make. The government breaks truck drivers into two different groups  called as delivery truck drivers and heavy truck drivers delivery truck drivers who pickup transport and drop-off packages within a local region or urban area. These drivers might work for UPS FedEx or Amazon delivering packages to USA in a certain city or a certain urban area. The trucks used are smaller weighing less than 26,000 pounds. Many delivery truck drivers transport merchandise from distribution centers to businesses and households too.

Why Truck driver jobs?

Cargo is the most rich, thriving and high paying sector with more independence as compared to other job sectors. Cargo is a sector in which any person can get a good job as long as they have good driving skills. Trucking is most popular in USA, Canada where most of the people go from other countries to do this job even without graduating through a college in USA because of its credibility. According to 2019 government data, about 16 percent of truck drivers do not have a high school degree but the mass of the vast majority do about 48 percent do have a high school degree or an equivalent 24 percent have some college and about 6 percent have an associate’s degree and 6 percent have a bachelor’s degree.

Couriers and messengers on average make the most with the average base salary before overtime or bonuses of around $50,000 the second highest paying industry is wholesale trade and light truck drivers. Wholesale trade make on average around 33,000$ and retail trade around 26,000$. Next let’s take a look at heavy truck drivers. About 45% of heavy truck drivers work in truck transportation, 11% work in wholesale trades, 7% in manufacturing, 6% on their own companies and 6% work in the construction industry.

Requirements for Truck Driver Jobs?

Education : High school or above

Probation Period: Not Usual

Speaking English: Not necessary

You have to take the DMV test and If you don’t have any driving experience, you can get training from driving schools.

How to Apply for Truck Driver Jobs in USA?

Firstly you’ll to get a work permit or study visa for USA or Canada if you choose that. Let us assume you are sponsored by your family (spouse / parents) and are able to legally migrate to the US (legal permanent residence).

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After that, you’ll have to get a DOT medical test and then you’ll have to give DMV test which you can pass easily if you’re skilled enough. Or you can apply for driving school and get driving training first and then apply for license. Then apply to a trucking/logistics firm to become a driver.